We are surrounded by psychos, maniacs and killers, although we rarely give it a thought. The protagonist of our game had to learn it the hard way. He just moved into a new house, but instead of friendly smiling faces greeting him from across the street all he sees is the back of his sullen and highly mysterious neighbor who always shades his windows and seems to be involved in something dangerous. But the thing that troubles you most is that he has nailed up his basement door. Why? Perhaps there is a prisoner locked down there? Or a pile of rotting corpses? Maybe he conducts genetic experiments and raises a Frankenstein monster? The answers to these questions lie in your neighbor’s house. You have to get there at any cost! You see the best secrets!

But don’t expect it to be that easy. The weird man is always at home and you’ll have to think hard before making each step. Besides, he isn’t dumb. The developers have equipped him with a complex AI system that analyzes your moves and anticipate what you are about to do next. So don’t be surprised to find a steel trap or a wailing alarm when you decide to use your favorite window or door to sneak into the manor again. Fortunately, you can defend yourself with the help of multiple items scattered around the rooms by picking them up, throwing them, turning them on and off. This is a great way to distract the killer and take off while he is busy with a sudden activity. You can also hide in different places, but if the neighbor finds you there, he will remember it and check your cozy shelter first next time. The game grows tougher and tougher every minute and you are still far from your ultimate goal – the basement. Over ten hours of fascinating gameplay will keep you on edge!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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