Secret Neighbor


The game called Secret Neighbor is a part of Hello Neighbor. This is a horror game as well, however, the main difference is that you have a chance to play for the main enemy – your crazy neighbor. There is a team of kids trying to find and rescue their friend imprisoned in a basement of the madman’s house. However, everything is not just that simple. Your neighbor is hiding himself from your eyes, camouflaging himself and pretending to be one of your fellows. Actually, you are the one to play for him. Now the house is at your disposal and you can control everything you can find in the rooms. Various gadgets and household items will help you stop the children from finding their way to a secret cellar. Do your best to sabotage their actions and you will win the game. You may play along with other gamers or try the single-player version. This option provides you with an opportunity to pass through the game from various angles, both fun and scaring at the same time. You will see that cooperating with others to sneak into a horrible place and survive is no less amusing than trying to intervene the kids’ mission as a neighbor.
It is really exciting to see how the plot experiment and parallel playing modes are implemented in Secret Neighbor. Both lines are logically-consistent and connected, however, the experience is absolutely different. The group setting is more about team work and organization, while a single-player mode encourages you to be tricky and inventive to protect your territory. When playing for kids, you have to bring the disguised enemy to light before he gets over you. Also, you have to move carefully and go through numerous of obstacles and challenges on your way. These obstacles are made by a neighbor, of course. When you play for him, make sure to be unexpected and inventive in your evil machinations. Don’t let the kids disclose you and let your horrible secrets out. In general, we are glad that the world of Hello Neighbor is growing and will wait for more updates.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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