Hello Neighbor: Hide And Seek


Those who already played Hello Neighbor: Hide And Seek will undoubtedly be familiar with the concept: your character is a guy who just moved to a quiet town and is growing suspicious of his sully neighbor who seems to hide something in his basement. You think you even heard screams from there. Eager to find out what’s going on, you sneak into the strange man’s house and decide to launch your own investigation. You are determined to get into the basement and uncover its dark secrets… Just don’t get spotted by the owner of the home!

Once you find your way in, you’ll be stunned by the surreal surroundings of the place. With its ladder bookshelves, rollaway stairwells and a massive underground labyrinth meandering into the distance, there is plenty of exploration for you to do. Investigate every nook and cranny and beware of the Neighbor who is no fan of intruders. There are also mini games that will grant you valuable prizes and cutscenes revealing the background story. For instance, you’ll learn that the Neighbor has kids.

If you think you can easily crack any Hello Neighbor puzzle just because you played the previous builds, don’t be so sure of yourself! While Act 1 is basically a tutorial, things only get started here. Later on, the gameplay will grow real tough and you’ll repeatedly find yourself stuck raking your brains over another riddle. Everything counts here, from how delicately you can handle tiny items to how quickly you can find the right object to interact with in a room full of all sorts of stuff. Your mission is further complicated by the Neighbor’s watchful eye and tricky security measures. Just like previously, he will protect the areas of his home where he spotted any suspicious activity with traps, cameras and other unpleasant surprises. Land your feet carefully if you don’t want to bump into his angry mustached face when you least expect it! The final build of Hello Neighbor is on the way! Stay updated and be the first to enjoy it!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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