Hello Neighbor: Alpha 3


Sometimes your neighbor can be your best friend as in game Hello Neighbor: Alpha 3. It’s ok to come by asking for his help, sipping beer together in a local pub and having long heart talks as if you knew each other for your entire life. But that’s not always the case. Some people living next to you are quite mean and aggressive and some of them can even be real criminals… Our hero is about to find that out! He just moved to a small, quite city planning to start a new life and meet new friends. So far his wish remains unfulfilled. The only person living near is his grim, sociopathic neighbor who always keeps to himself and spends most of his time inside his gloomy house. Actually, there seems to be something wrong with all this… You can’t tell for sure, but your suspicions grow stronger by the day. Finally, you decide to break into his place and see for yourself…

So you get in and pry around looking for anything that can give you at least a vague idea about your neighbor’s identity and occupation. A dark, creepy staircase takes you closer and closer to the basement… And that’s where you run right into him – your infuriated neighbor whose hands are reaching for your throat… The next moment you wake up in your bed. Now you have to take another shot at your noble detective mission. But beware of the house owner! Every time you fail to reach your goal, he remembers what you were doing just before it, so you won’t be able to pull off that trick twice. Luckily, there are many ways to get the neighbor busy and slip behind his back as he gets caught up in another distraction. The house is full of convenient hideouts and entry points that you can use for a last-minute escape – if your neighbor hasn’t already beaten you to the punch and installed a trap for you there. Yes, it might take you quite a while to succeed! Try to outsmart the AI killer and find out what he is hiding in the basement!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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