Hello Guest


This Guest is not an ordinary one. This one is a bird-like demon, thirsty for human fear and blood. Are you ready to meet such a horrible guy in person? Well, we hope that you will avoid seeing him too close and experiencing his attacks. Guest is a creepy creature that steps out of the thickest darkness and follows you wherever you go. He is here for your blood and soul, so try not to allow him to take what he wants. This is a survival game where you stand one on one with a real demon.
Deep night, you are at work – this is an old and ruined park where people used to hang out, walk, ride the amazing attractions, and eat delicious treats. Today, there is no trace from the past fun – this place is covered with dirt, dust, and corrosion. Abandoned places need guards as well and you have been hired to work at this amusement park late at night. There are city vandals who entertain themselves running and spoiling things, so you are going to stop them and prevent the park vestiges from being entirely ruined. You didn’t know that there is someone else to enter your park this night. He is not a vandal and even not a human being. Are you ready to accept Guest? Then take your flashlight and go. Guest will find you himself.
One of the most well-done, perfectly visualized, and thrilling stealth horror game of the last decade will come to your liking for sure. We bet that if you are fond of horror games that make pretty anxious, especially because of the demons that are running after you quietly and attack all of a sudden, Hello Guest will become your most favorite story that will make your hair curl from fear. Witness the story of the horrible demon, thirsty for human blood and try to stay alive after meeting him late at night during your night shift at work. We bet that you will never come back to that place again!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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