Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2


The new chapter of Alpha series of famous Hello Neighbor is here! Did you miss this guy? He missed you a lot! We bet that cannot wait to find out what is another secret he is trying to hide. Of course, he must be a part of a crime or a maniac himself – you saw him hiding something in the forest. The large sacks buried under the ground look pretty strange. Are there dead bodies hidden there? Does he hide something or someone else in his house? You cannot leave that uncovered, so you decide to enter neighbor’s house once again. This time, you will compete with a more advanced and all-mighty character armed with enormous artificial intellect and ability to predict your moves.
Are you ready to find out the most horrible mysteries? They are hidden in the nearby house, where your neighbor lives. When you make the first steps in this building, traps and dangerous weapons literally snow on your head! However, you are already experienced and know who your neighbor is! This means that your puzzle-solving skills will help you deal with the complications and get through all of these challenges unharmed. Do your best not to get harmed and trapped – this will make you neighbor’s prey. While you are here to prevent tragedies and supposed crimes he seems to be connected with, the last thing you want is to become his victim. Pass the game and reach the final spot at the end, where you will find out everything and finally save yourself and the others! Hello Neighbor is available on this website for free and you are welcome to play all the existing games from the series whenever you feel so. Not only there is the second part of Alpha series, but the other ones as well! Check them all on our resource and have fun playing this thrilling game! Don’t get scared too much – the neighbor is already approaching!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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