Hello, Neighbor: Alpha 1


All people are different, and while some of them like to communicate, others don’t. This game with Alpha 1 version shows the conflict between these two categories, for your character wants to know all the secrets that his neighbor is hiding in his house. He might be an introvert, but his basement is too enigmatic, and you feel a strong desire to find out the truth. But beware: the antagonist is very, very clever, and is constantly learning from your mistakes.

You believe that your neighbor is evil, but before contacting the police you need to make sure that you are right. So, you decide to break in and seek for the answers. The task isn’t that easy, because your enemy has plenty of traps, and you have to be very careful. The most appealing thing is that your neighbor has an AI. He will follow you everywhere and even try to read your minds. While searching the house, you will find various objects that you can use in your attempts to find the entrance to the basement. You won’t have any map, so you must examine all the rooms by yourself in order to find the desired door. Remember that you should do everything quickly: the longer you play, the cleverer your neighbor becomes, and he leaves you very little chance to win!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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