Hello Neighbor 2022


If you enjoyed Hello Neighbor horror game, you will be glad to know that its sequel is already released. This time, you will find yourself in a town of Raven Brooks where you live and work as a journalist. The place is very small, yet strange events start to happen here. Some people disappeared without a trace. And it seems it was not a pure coincidence. Someone is hiding the truth. And you need to help the hero conduct his personal investigation. When he starts to pay more attention to his neighbors, he immediately understands that they are not the people they are trying to pretend to be. So what are they hiding? Can they know more about those who have gone missing? One person is especially strange – will you date to get into his house to inspect everything inside? Lots of obstacles and traps are waiting for you in this game. You can overcome all the difficulties only if you solve all the puzzles and quests correctly. And do not forget that you will be playing against the artificial intelligence. All your actions and decisions will influence the further plot development. Who will be smarter is this confrontation? Start this thrilling adventure right now to see if you have strong detective skills and excellent logic!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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