Hello Neighbor Alpha 4


We all have our little dark secrets. And some are better left unrevealed… However, the character of   this game isn’t going to leave things as they are. He suspects something about his neighbor, a sullen mustached bully living across the street. Why does he never leave the house? What are those strange noises coming from his place? And what the hell does he hide in his basement in new Alpha 4? Eager to find the answers, you set out on a dangerous mission.

But sneaking into your neighbor’s manor is just half of the deal. The real challenge is awaiting you inside. You see, your neighbor is not stupid. He doesn’t just walk around the house without giving a damn about your presence. No, he notices and hears everything that’s going on. If you make too much noise or get into his sight, he will most surely chase you. Moreover, he remembers your every move, so next time you try to pull off something of the sort, there will be a trap waiting for you at the very place you were caught. Don’t ask what is going to happen to you if you aren’t cautious enough. Most likely, you’ll find out the mystery of the basement, although not quite in the way you were hoping to… So stay alert and don’t let the evil neighbor learn all of your tricks before your goal is achieved!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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