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There is no need to include walking corpses, eerie ghosts and all the paranormal stuff to create a scary horror game. ‘Hello Neighbor’ in Full Version proves it once again! The setting is quite down-to-earth: your hero is a newcomer who just moved in and is eager to meet his neighbors. But the grumpy, unfriendly man living across the street doesn’t seem to share your sympathy. He leads a solitary life, always buys with something in his enigmatic manor, and isn’t in a hurry to welcome strangers in the neighborhood. One day you appear on his doorstep with an innocent question – something like borrowing a hammer or showing you around the town. The door opens, but it seems your neighbor isn’t at home. You’re almost about to leave when you hear a strange noise coming from the basement. You head there, attracted by the unusual sounds, and see that the basement door is nailed up as if there is something behind it nobody must see… But before you decide what to do next, you see an angry face of your neighbor and his huge hands moving closer and closer…

Then you wake up in your own room knowing for sure – that man is a killer! But how are you going to prove it without learning what’s down in the basement? So you need to go back into that creepy house and investigate every room until you learn your neighbor’s mystery! But be careful, that psycho remembers your last visit and will be waiting for you! Everything should be done cautiously and quietly. Use one of the many entry points to get inside and walk around like a shadow to prevent the neighbor from finding out you’re here. You can use just about any item in the house to distract your opponent while you are continuing your search. The neighbor will be analyzing and remembering your play style, so each new effort to get to the basement will be harder than the previous!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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