Playing against the computer is mostly boring. But how about a cunning and merciless serial killer who can predict your every move? This game sets you against a cruel AI neighbor who hides something dismal downstairs. You have to get into his house and solve the mystery all by yourself. But the neighbor will keep an eye on you! He learns from your mistakes, remembers your decisions and learns from your tactics to devise another devilish plan and undertake a smart counter-action when you don’t expect it! The only way to win is to use your own intelligence against the digital brain of your opponent. Be cautious and inventive, distract your neighbor’s attention in one of the many possible ways to sneak past him unnoticed and use the objects you see around to your own advantage. If the enemy gets too close, try hiding in a place he will suspect least – say, in the fridge – or hit him with a suitable item. But don’t get caught, otherwise you’ll end up in the hands of a maniac and find out what he does to his victims – albeit it’s quite unlikely you’ll be able to tell it to anyone once it’s over… The unpredictable and mysterious plot make ‘Hello neighbor’ one of the most intriguing and challenging games that have recently hit the web!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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