Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1


One of the most exciting horror games of all times is even more developed and advanced now! Yes, this is Hello Neighbor, the second part and chapter called Alpha 1. This time, you are going to risk your life again. Not only because you are so curious (well, you really are), but also because you suspect your neighbor of being a maniac and a real serial killer. You saw him doing strange things near his house and now you think that he must be hiding something very terrifying. If you are ready to face the shivering truth about the man next door, then we are welcoming you to enter this horrible adventure.
Enter the house of your neighbor filled with traps. Make your way from one room to another, solving the puzzles and completing various tasks that will open the way to the next stages and places. Be sure that the neighbor knows about your secret visit. He is watching you all the time. He sees you and what is more – he changes the environment of the house to catch you faster. The artificial intelligence technology allows him to learn from your moves and predict your decisions are you make your way around his neat house.
This unique horror game encourages you to turn your creativity on and try not to repeat the same things as you already did before. The neighbor will invent new ways to catch you! And he will learn from your behavior that you prefer particular entrances or places, so get ready to see traps and cameras the next time you go there. Be very attentive – your rival is a genius. However, he cannot come up with new ideas, so everything he does depends on you. Invent something unpredictable and efficient to surprise even the artificial intelligence and make it confused by your natural intelligence!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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