Hello Neighbor 2 Beta


Welcome to a mysterious town of Raven Brooks! Do you remember a weird Hello Neighbor adventure? This time, you will enjoy its sequel. Your main character is Quentin who works as a local journalist. He gets interested in strange things that happening around. Several residents of the town have gone missing, and no one can trace how and when they disappeared. Now you need to help the main hero to conduct some investigation and find the clue to these events. You will have to follow many people to understand what they are hiding. And you will immediately find out that all of them have thrilling secrets that they vigorously guard. Can any of them be guilty of that disappearance? One of your neighbors seems especially fishy, and you need to find out more about him. Can he be a murderer? His neighbors spread very dubious rumors about him. So you need to pull your courage together and sneak into his house. This is the only way to uncover the truth. To get a clue to this story, you will have to solve a lot of puzzles. Besides, your enemies will try to set as many traps as possible to confuse you. Will you be able to sort out everything and find missing people? Then dive into this detective story right now! You will love it from the beginning and to the end.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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