Hello Guest Update


This night is going to be the most horrible one in your life. You come to your workplace, being a night guardsman at an old and half-ruined park of amusement. The problem is that your work is pretty dangerous and tricky as it is – the naughty teenagers and vandals enter the territory, break the parts of old attractions, steal something, draw graffiti on the walls, and so on. You are used to patrol this location, looking for the bad guys and making them stop and leave this place. However, this night is different. You are going to meet someone absolutely strange, very dangerous, and supposedly – inhumane.
This is Guest. He is here to find you and kill you. Maybe, he is a soul reaper or someone like that? Or ancient evil that came out of its cave? Or the demon straight from hell? You don’t really know, but there is no time for guessing – try to hide from Guest before he gets you. This is a creepy game of hide-and-seek and you are the one to hide. Guest will follow you no matter where you go. He will attack from behind when you don’t expect that. This creature has deadly strikes and you won’t handle even a single one. Try to stay near to the lights – Guest doesn’t like them. He is hiding in the deepest dark corners and you should avoid staying there for too long – this will end up badly. Will you handle a night like that? Your only weapon is a beam of light – use it to frighten Guest and make him go away. This guy avoid lights at all costs, like any filthy demonic creature. Stay alive after spending a night in a park or attractions, where you are chased by a horrible demon with a birdlike pecker. Do your best to hide faster than he reaches you – don’t wait until Guest appears too close to you, prevent this deadly meeting before it is too late. There are no weapons to use, just your brain and wittiness. Don’t you stay at the darkest areas for too long – this is extremely dangerous and will definitely end badly for you. Avoid the demon and try to stay alive until the sun rises.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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