Hello Neighbour Update


Imagine a situation when you are moving to a new apartment, and everything seems to be great. But when you see your neighbor, you realize that it was nothing more than an illusion. He becomes furious when somebody wants to enter his house, and you notice something strange in his basement. You try to forget those intrusive thoughts, but it doesn’t work. When your nerves finally fail you, you decide to sneak into your neighbor’s house, and reveal all his secrets! The first problem that you will encounter is the absence of a map. So, you’ll have to hang around in search of an arrow showing that you are moving in the right direction. Prepare for the worst – there are a lot of traps, for your neighbor doesn’t want anyone to interfere with his life. Moreover, he has an A. I., and it means that he will become smarter with your every failure. You should learn to do everything quickly, because every minute in this game adds an extra point to your enemy’s IQ. This is a bit scary, but very challenging, and if you outwit him, you will win in new best update!

While searching for the basement, you can find different supplies that might help you in your difficult task. You can use whenever you want, but be ready that your neighbor has something more powerful, because he watches you and remembers everything you are doing. This horror game will bring you to the world of suspense, for you never know what will happen next. Don’t lose sight of the basement, and when you reach it, you will finally find the answers!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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