Are you ready to confront a crazy killer who has probably finished off hundreds of innocent people whose bodies are now lying in his eerie basement? Then it’s time to pay an unannounced visit to your neighbor’s home and search it from top to bottom! The weird and aggressive behavior of this furious man has long been disturbing you. Always alone, always looking over his shoulder, never asking anyone in… That seems like a typical profile of a maniac! But nobody is interested in your suspicions. So you have to confirm them on your own… That won’t be a piece of cake. Once you get in through the front door, you realize that your neighbor is actually at home. And that means he can bust you any second! To avoid an open confrontation, try to move around as quickly and silently as possible. You neighbor has big eyes and big ears. And if you slip once, he’ll be waiting for you at the same spot next time. Yes, he is learning on the go and can even predict your next move. To protect his manor from your intrusion, he’ll set up sophisticated traps and chase you around the house armed with a huge shovel. Pray to find a miraculous escape or safe hiding if that happens! You should be even more cunning that the artificial intelligence of your enemy to complete your task! Hello Neighbor with cheats is free.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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