Hello Bendy


It’s no surprise for us when two different franchises join together to benefit from each other’s features. This Halloween those are going to be Hello Neighbor and Bendy and the Ink Machine! The former will get a special ‘Hello Bendy’ mod where players will encounter another neighbor strangely reminiscent of Bendy while the mustached strongman from Hello Neighbor will be found roaming the studio in BATIM. The crossover will only be included in the games for a short amount of time. To access it, you either need to download BATIM or preorder Hello Neighbor on Steam. Being able to play the Hello Bendy mod requires you to open your Steam Library and search for the mod’s name. If you already made a preorder, the game should have been replaced by the Halloween build – of course, for a limited period. If you want to access other Hello Neighbor versions, you can still do it by clicking Properties and then the Betas drop menu. Updating or downloading Bendy and the Ink Machine on Halloween will give you an opportunity to experience Hello Bandy for BATIM players.

Since there have been quite a lot of comparisons between Hello Neighbor and BATIM, we could definitely expect something like that. There is no doubt each fandom will get full of suggestions and fanart. Aside from the spooky mashup, we also saw the launch of a new Hello Neighbor trailer dedicated to Halloween. The game is going to be released in a bit more than a month. Right now there are also free alpha versions available on the official site. Until 8th December when Hello Neighbor will finally go online, you can also prepurchase the game on Steam.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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