Hello Neighbor Beta 1


The final Hello Neighbor Beta 1 update before the release of the official version is out! The widely expected stealth horror game will set you up against a cunning maniac who happens to live in an adjacent house. Will you be able to  reveal his dark secrets? Sneak into the mysterious manor to prove your suspicions! The beta includes improved house features, a brand new intro video and upgraded artificial intelligence to pose an even bigger challenge. This Friday, the game is going gold meaning there will be certified Xbox One content. Developers still have about a month until the lunch of the PC build, so there will still be some fixing and polishing. The good thing is that both versions will be completed in parallel since the studio has two teams on the project at once. So as the Xbox One version is optimized and cleared of bugs, portions of the same code will be included into the PC version.

Fans will also be excited about merch deals that will bring some plushies from the game to nearby stores. So far, merch is for US buyers only, but the studio plans to expand its scope with time. A few more news pieces for those following the story of Neighbor’s development. Among the rest, the project already secured a PAX West booth in Seattle. The event will take place on September 1st. Aside from 10 stations, the studio promises to offer a central swag area and give out 30 thousand dog tags. By the way, if you want to access the alpha as soon as possible, you can prepurchase the game on Humble or Steam. Both will give you a Steam key to the final version that will autoupdate upon release. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the game and find it just as thrilling as all the previous betas!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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