Hello Neighbor Halloween


Halloween is almost here and we all want to celebration it with style. For fans of this holiday, there is a new Hello Neighbor trailer that will make your skin covered with goose bumps! Dynamic Pixels has already posted it online and you can enjoy its creepiness right now.

Besides simply showing off the upcoming game in line with the approaching holiday, the trailer demonstrates the latest additions to Hello Neighbor that will be included in the latest version of the widely awaited release. Note that the game is still in development, with the last touches added by the team ahead of this year’s debut. However, the trailer shows the most recent build giving us a pretty clear idea of how everything will look when the game finally appears in the web. In case any of the readers aren’t familiar with the game, Hello Neighbor is a widely popular stealth horror where you have to investigate the mystery of your neighbor’s basement where he supposedly hides corpses of his victims. You are about to play as a guy that just moved into the town and doesn’t know anyone. He wants to make friends with his highly suspicious neighbor, but doesn’t succeed in it. The man keeps himself away from any acquaintances and does something pretty weird inside his four walls. Now and again, you hear strange noises coming from his manor and the door in the basement is barred safely to prevent any intrusion. That makes you wonder what so secret can be kept there. You seem to be the only one to solve that riddle!

On December 8th, Hello Neighbor is bound to become available on PC and Xbox. But if that seems like too long for you, there is a beta version of the game that you can play right now after prepurchasing it on the official site. There is also the Alpha 2 demo that you can play free of charge. It’s just a bit more than one month until the game is out!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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