Hello Neighbor: Ending


You can choose to be a nice person or bad one, but you can’t predict what your neighbor will be. Imagine that you are a successful young man, and you have just entered a new house. You need to get acquainted with everyone around you, but one man is very suspicious. You can’t say actually what is wrong, because he isn’t friendly at all. Then you notice strange sounds that are coming from his basement. You feel the greatest desire to see in your own eyes what is happening in your neighbor’s house, but he doesn’t let anyone in. you need to find the proper way and get into his apartment. But this is only a beginning of a story, because you will face millions of difficulties, and winning here is never so easy.
Your first problem is the absence of the map, so you have no idea where you are heading to. You can try any itinerary, and if you are going the right way, you will see the sign, informing you about it. But you should know that the neighbor isn’t peacefully sleeping in his bedroom, and he is very careful. H has got an AI, and he becomes cleverer every minute. So to say, he always knows about your failure, and he is following your steps. Don’t let him become fat and furious, because in this case you lose. There are so many traps in the house, and the basement seems to be so far, but you have to do everything to survive whatever it takes. There are several tools at your disposal to complete the mission, but you need to be very careful: you can’t store them in one place. Remember than when you are trapped by the house owner, he will send you back to your apartment, and you need to make your mind a new way to get to the basement, but you need to know that this time your neighbor will become smarter and know about your next step, so don’t copy your strategy, inventing new ways to complete your mission.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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