Beta 2


Hello Neighbor Beta 2 is a game performed in the genre of tactical puzzle. The graphics are very spectacular and the game mechanics will attract any user. The project also includes elements of horror making the game even more atmospheric. You will play the part of a very friendly guy who just moved into a new home and wishes to immediately make friends with his neighbors. But one of them keeps avoiding you staying sullen and unsociable despite all your attempts to find a common language. You are also troubled by the fact that since your arrival he carefully boarded up the door to his basement. What is he hiding there? What mysteries are concealed in his house? You are the one to find the answers.

Be extra careful, there is a pretty tough investigation waiting for you ahead! Every minute, you can be caught by the owner of the house who happens to be quite intelligent. This buff whiskered man remembers all your moves and tricks and anticipates your next step. He learns from the strategy you are using against him, so it’s in your best interest to stay out of his sight as long as possible. If you are not quiet or sly enough, he will know there is someone in his manor and take measures. Next time you are going to use the same door or window, there will be a trap expecting you there. So you’ll need to think of something new each time if you want to get to that secret door and find out what lies behind it. The second beta is now out with some amazing upgrades, new elements of the house and an even more cunning AI that won’t let you take him aback just like that!




  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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